Ben Hymas BSC (Hons) MBAcC is the founder of Acupuncture Wellness

I graduated with a BSC (Hons) degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from London South Bank University and am a full member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC).  The BAcC are the leading recognised professional body for acupuncture practitioners in the UK.  All members of the BAcC are registered with the Professional Standards Authority (PSA).  As part of the PSA membership we adhere to strict safety standards and all members receive thorough anatomy training.

Prior to my three years studying Chinese medicine I had a successful career in London.  I worked for Barclays capital and RBS Global banking amongst other institutions providing IT trading support.  Looking for a new career direction after suffering from personal grief and being a single parent; I started to think about what kind of career I could have that would make a positive difference to peoples lives.  I realised that helping someone suffering from ill-health could not just help the patient, but also the affect the whole family unit and the job satisfaction that could bring!

Ben Hymas Studio
Ben Hymas Kersey

So, I decided to study a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine!

LSBU clinic
Working hard in the University Clinic!

During the course I had to observe and treat patients in clinic for three years which was an amazing experience.  I learnt different skills from renowned British and Chinese supervisors and was able to see how acupuncture could help change the course of so many diseases.

Nothing beats seeing a patient get better and watching them thrive.  I completed post graduate training in other styles of acupuncture – the balance method, DNA and master Tung.  These are effective styles of pain relief that quite often relieve pain immediately on the first visit, subsequent visits ensure that the pain stays away for good.

I would like to see everyone experience the dynamic potential for acupuncture to change lives in so many ways;  I am also very passionate about dietary and lifestyle changes, cosmetic acupuncture and supporting patients through fertility problems or the ICSI and IVF process.