The Harmony Plan

Do you want to thrive and be the best you can be?

Are you looking for healing, structure and a direction in life?
Look no further – Chinese Medicine was designed as a medicine to improve the quality of life for the Emperors and their Royal court

The harmony plan is a bespoke plan designed to use Chinese Medicine to its full potential – mind, body and soul.   Its strengths are in the ares of preventative care, stress relief and maintaining homeostasis (balance) in the body systems resulting in the enrichment of ones life.

This plan utilises all aspects of Chinese medicine in the way it was used for the famous Emperors in days gone by, this short video explains in more detail how you can benefit.

What is included in the package?

  • Initial Consultation (60 mins)
  • All Treatment visits
  • Diet and Lifestyle Advice
  • Qi Gong/Tai Chi movement for daily practise
  • Mediation training

The first time we meet, we will discuss in depth the individual health goals that you want to achieve from the Harmony Plan.  As an example we will identify any problems you want to resolve such as stress and its effects on your body and mind, any niggling health concerns such as anxiety, pain, digestion or even menstrual problems.  Chinese medicine practitioners are trained to spot problems both visually and physically, so we use tongue and pulse diagnosis on the first and every visit.

Depending on the severity of your problems, twice weekly or weekly treatment allows us to make the most progress for the first month.  Then we switch to a consistent regimen of two treatments per calendar month.  Treatment utilises acupuncture and in some cases cupping, moxibustion and massage.

Chinese medicine has a large emphasis on diet and lifestyle.  We can use our diagnostic skills to identify changes to diet which result in better health in the long term. 

Relaxation and breathing are just a important as exercise but often overlooked.  You can be taught some simple tai chi exercises to do at home and an easy to learn form of meditation to do on a daily basis. 


Three month plan

Our preferred method of payment for this plan is direct debit, this allows us to spread the cost of the plan over 3 months thereby reducing the burden of cost for the first month (when there is a lot more treatment and guidance involved)

There is a minimum commitment of 3 months.

Cancellation required within 14 days.

To ensure people take this plan seriously and commit, paying by cash or card requires a commitment of 50% at the beginning of the plan and the remaining 50% at the end of month 1.  Most patients prefer to pay for 100% up front when beginning this plan if paying by cash or card.

Follow up after three month plan

One treatment per month, additional treatment also at the reduced rate of £39.99

Can be cancelled with 1 months notice

£44.99 per treatment paid in advance upon diary booking.

No cancellation commitment