East Anglia Daily Times - March 2019

I took an interview back in february about how I have been helping couples improve their chances of success with IVF and ICSI and it was published in the 12th March 2019 edition of EADT (East Anglia Daily Times).  I also discuss how excited I am about my stunning new clinic at Kersey Mill, how I help pain patients and also how I have been able to help improve the chances of conception for patients trying to conceive naturally.  Most couples try for well over 18 months before being referred for IVF and in a lot of cases there are no male or female factor problems, these make up the “unknowns” the people with know biological problems but still cannot conceive.  Acupuncture works to rebalance the nervous system and hormonal system and helps improve the chances of a successful pregnancy.

If you are having problems, then dont overlook acupuncture as a tool to add to your regimen that can help you conceive both naturally and alongside IVF.

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